Tariff Payment changes not substantial

Great news for customers that the tariff change effective 1st April 2014 is only marginally different to that in place today for arrays under 50kW, which covers all our potential domestic customers and the small to medium sized commercial.

If you’re a commercial customer and you’re thinking of installing an array of 50kW or more on your factory/farm roof then now is a good time to go ahead as the tariff will remain the same for the coming quarter for arrays of 50kW+.

The Feed-in Tariff is reviewed every quarter and Ofgem announces any changes about 6 weeks before, so we will know what the 1st July tariff will be in June, for both the domestic scale and the larger arrays.

It is always better to get in sooner rather than later with solar PV as you hook-in to the prevailing tariff and start getting the benefits as soon as your system is commissioned.

We are happy to discuss any particular queries you may have on the Feed-in Tariff – please contact us by phone or e-mail (or pop in to our showroom in Shire Hill, Saffron Walden – To get directions, click here.)